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Milestones - A Review

Greetings all. We had some rain, snow, and a bit of slipperly roads on Thursday. Mom took a snow day from work so we got an extra day to hang out.  Thankfully Dad was able to make it back from California. We visited the Children's Museum, Marbles, in Raleigh on Friday. It sure is nice to go somewhere where I can go crazy and get into everything. The house was buzzing with Christmas preparation over the rest of the weekend: baking, decorating the tree, card making, wrapping trees and bushes with lights outside (4,700 lights currently), and hanging the stockings.

Oh - and I got a cool new frog pull toy on Saturday. He hops!

I still don't like milk. I get really upset when someone tries to sneak me some. I drink drinkable yogurt instead.

Here's a progress report on some of my developmental milestones...

Walking - been doing that since 11 months. I'm getting really fast now. Especially in stores or around breakables.
Feeds Himself with Spoon - I'm working getting fed as long as I can. I enjoy finger foods, and sometimes I like to play with a spoon, but I'm not into feeding myself with a spoon at this time. I have the rest of my life for that!
Can Scribble with Crayon - No interest yet - I'm not baby Monet.
Words - I have my own word for "dog", it sounds like "dee". The rest of the world just doesn't get it.
Builds Tower of Blocks - Mom's book says 18 months for this one, but I can stack blocks now by myself. I'm even better at knocking them down!
Points to Pictures on Request - The book says 18 months for this one too, but I can point out dogs when asked (unless they are some freaky weirdo breed), trucks, and airplanes. I can sometimes get cats and fish too.
Sign Language:  I can sign airplane (my favorite!), dog, and eat. I understand diaper, but I hate getting my diaper changed so I play it like I don't get it.

Enough words, here's some pictures.

Froggy friend.

The builder at work.

Even higher!



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