The Arrival of the Aunt

Happy New Year! This year will be another exciting one of firsts. Everyone is eagerly waiting for my first words.

Aunt Katie came to visit. We had lots of fun. We went to the toy store and I got to pick out some puzzels. We also went to the natural history museum. They have a whole room for young explorers like myself. I enjoyed watching the bees in the hive, climbing and pushing the stools around, and playing with the coral samples. Yesterday she helped us put away our Christmas decorations.

Aunt Katie was really impressed to see how I enjoy playing hide and seek in my room. I'm really good at hiding behind my bookcase and then popping out. I'm so funny!

Tonight Dad almost forgot to brush my teeth. I reminded him by touching my teeth and then pointing to my toothbrush. Dad was so impressed that I did that all on my own.

I'll share a picture of Aunt Katie's visit after she sends one to me. Mom's camera  battery died.

The young marine biologist studying the affect of drool on brain coral.