Toddler Adventures

Hello! Are you ready for more toddler adventures?

I really like Grandpa Stafford's hat. It is navy with a fancy Old English D on it. When I see him I point to his head and go "haa" which is my special word for hat. I love taking it off his head. Sometimes I give it to other people. I think more people need to experience the big D.

Mom and Dad let me explore the grocery store a bit. Wouldn't you know, they sell remote controls! They are one of my favorite things. Everyone was impressed that I was able to find them so quickly. I also like playing with the free balloons and chewing on pre-purchase bananas still in their peels.

I'm now an artist. While most of the time I prefer putting crayons and markers in my mouth, sometimes I do use them to create. I'm into modern abstracts.

I went to the pediatrician last Friday for a flu booster. I impressed everyone by not crying for my shot. My Mom was so proud.

I'll use it for college, really!

Picking out a nice dinner wine for Mom and Dad. The secret is using a flashlight.

What's this Mom?

Alden's art titled "Blue Dog. Green Dog. Running in the Snow."