Can I Touch His Hair?

Happy Spring everyone. Here are some highlights of my past week in pictures.

The best thing about swim class is playing in the lockers.

The second best thing about swim class is the toys

I enjoy using my pirate towel. It has a big skull and cross bones on the back.

I enjoy helping unload the dishwasher. No one in the house appreciates this though. Just try to lock me out of it! Hah-hahh!

My hair really sticks up after a hair cut. At Lilly's Pizza, some woman came up to Dad and I and started calling me Dad's Mini-Me because we have the same cut and hair texture. She even asked if she could touch my hair. Ladies cannot resist me!

 I enjoy playing in sandboxes. I'm good at scooping sand into containers.

Mom is really excited that her daffodils are in bloom. I took some pictures by them on St. Patrick's Day. I'll share those photos later.

Till next time,



  1. I love the locker picture! I'd love to go back and shoot it again with lighting and focus on his eyes. Such a great capture!

  2. Russell in the women's locker room with a camera = trouble. ;)


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