Neil Diamond. No!

Hey out there! So much has happened lately. Mom and I went to Michigan and had a lot of fun. I'm too tired to post those pictures now, so I'll do that later. I have a cold and I'm not feeling my best.

Last week I had a sad good-bye. My friend Kristi used to hang with me while Mom and Dad work. Sometimes she'd  bring my friend Evan with her. We'd have all sorts of toddler adventures: bubbles, riding in the double stroller to the park, cabinet raiding, ball throwing, double diaper blow-outs, timing our naps separately, you get the picture. But now it's my turn to share Kristi with other kids. She's a teacher-in-training starting today.

I have a new friend now named Charlotte. I get to show her all my tricks and talents.

Speaking of talents, I showed off a new sign to Mom and Dad. Last time we were grocery shopping Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" came over the speaker system. Dad started signing along. He foolishly thought he could get me to join in the chorus. So I broke out my new sign: hands over the ears! Doesn't he know Neil Diamond is noise pollution!

Much to Mom's chagrin, last week I woke up several nights with teething pain. I'm working on two more teeth. Geez, if she thinks it's so bad getting up in the middle of the night, just think what it is like to be the person actually going through the pain!

Alden and Kristi. 



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