Philadelphia - Not Just a Cheese

We went to Philadelphia for the weekend. Mom did a great job entertaining me on the flight up. She even had some guy tell her I was the best behaved toddler he had ever seen on a plane. She owes it all to good snacks, airplane stickers, and iPad games.

Mom and Dad took me to the Hard Rock Cafe. They wanted to start a pin collection for me. I fell asleep in the car on the way over there. Boy, was I mad to be woken up to go into the cafe. What were they thinking interrupting my schedule AND my nap? I let them know it too. I spent my first Hard Rock visit fussing. I didn't like the food. I picked out a Ben Franklin pin on the way out.

On Saturday Dad and I went to the Please Touch Museum. It was heaven. I got to drive a bus, hop on lily pads, go shopping, cook, and so much more. I rode a carousel for the first time.

Then we got Mom and went to the second largest mall in the country. Mom and Dad thought they could wheel me around in my stroller. I got news for them. I'm done with that thing! I push it now! I don't care who gets in my way! Mom and Dad got a little fustrated with me, but some other people were laughing. Mom said something about it being Dad's "jeans at work." I have no idea what jeans have to do with it.

When we were leaving the mall we saw a double rainbow.

On Sunday we went back to the Please Touch Museum. I wanted to treat Mom to Mother's Day there. After having more fun there, we headed to the airport. I fell asleep in the car (of course, after all that learning!). I woke up to find myself strapped into that horrible stroller in some long security line. I WAS MAD AND I LET EVERYONE KNOW IT.  I have no idea why, but Mom got both sympathy looks and stink eyes.

After we cleared security I started to feel better. I gave Mom a hug and she patted me on the back. I padded her back too and that made her melt. She forgave me. I decided to be good on the flight, but I'll make up for that on a future flight. My friend Connor told me it is toddler code that we have to be horrible while traveling. I have to live up to the code.

 Partying like a grumpy rock star at Hard Rock.

 Toddler battering ram.

Meeting Roy G. Biv outside the mall.

 Lily pad hopping. 

Sale on bread announced. This camera is too slow to catch Alden.