A Royal Weekend

I am toddler ruler of my household. I had an absolutely majestic weekend. On Friday morning we got up and Mom wanted to watch the Royal Wedding. All I saw was some kiss scene. It was very boring except for the cool airplanes during the fly over.

We then went to a nature class at a park. I found the worker guys with the wheelbarrows and tools to be more interesting than the frogs we were trying to find. The coolest thing was the copperhead in the exhibit inside. I am interested in snakes. Everytime I see one I say "Ssssss".

Friday night we went to Paige's Princess party in honor of her 2nd birthday. She really knows how to give her guests the imperal treatment. I painted a airplane, ate pizza, and played with heaps of yard toys.

Saturday Mom took me to her friend Michelle's party. They were very nice to me, but I got really upset because nobody would share their ice cream drinks with me.

As if two parties weren't enough - on Sunday we attended Karissa's 3rd birthday party. It was hopping. I am so lucky to have such awesome friends. April is a great birthday month. It is my half birthday. I turned 1.5 last Tuesday. Dad was born in April too!

PS - Today I had a cool milestone...I hung from the bar at the gym all by myself. I'll get a picture of that for a future post!

Sssssss is for snake!

Uh-oh - door ding, sorry Paige!

Alden making up for the ding by lending a hand in the yard.

So, Brendan, all Hertz had left was pink??!! (Karissa's party)