The South's Warmest Welcome

Hey y'all! I spent my Memorial Day weekend exploring some of the Gulf Coast. I had many fans there; several Southern ladies made the point to tell Mom and Dad that I am precious and adorable. 

We stayed in Gulfport, MS. I surprised Mom and Dad by taking the car keys and starting the car. I still love "driving" the car!

I was a bit offended that they set up my Pack N Play in the hotel bathroom.

It was really hot! We saw fish jumping out of the water as we dined at the Blow Fly Inn. I have no idea why the fish would want to jump into the air when it's so hot!

I wasn't interested in swimming in the ocean. Those waves are intimidating.

Here's a few photos from our adventures.

 A rocking airplane! (Children's Museum, Gulfport, MS)

A game Alden already knows. (Hard Rock, Biloxi)

A Lil' Boy making a mess of a Po' Boy sandwich. (New Orleans)

Alden's first time in the ocean. (Biloxi, MS)

Shrimp boats. (Biloxi)

The Sailfish's newest shrimping captain. (Biloxi)

Awesome helicopter! (Mobile, AL)