Fly the Pee Pee Skies

Let me tell you about the rest of my Michigan visit.

I had a lot of fun at the Saginaw Children's Museum. I played a piano, played dentist by pulling teeth from a giant mouth, and splashed in the water table.

On Friday, we went with Quinn and his mom and grandma to the Children's Zoo in Saginaw. It was special to Mom because she went there when she was little too. At first I wasn't so sure about the train ride, but after I got used to it, I wanted more. I now say "whooot" when I see a train because I know all about the whistles. I also got to touch a snake. It was cool! Friday night we went to a park to meet one of Mom's high school friends and her kids (Ethan, Abby, and Autumn).

After being crowded in the middle seat on the way to Michigan, Mom and I hit the jackpot on the way home. We got upgraded to first class. You should see the looks on peoples' faces when they see a toddler settle into first class. I was so excited I drank lots of water. I decided to be good because Mom let me play computer games and stick stickers (airplane stickers of course). Mom was so proud of herself for keeping me "tame."  On our descent I decided it was time for some mayhem. I filled my diaper to the point it spilled over on my shorts and Mom's. My diaper was so bloated it was bursting at the seams. Mom was really confused on what to do because the pilot had told us to stay in our seats. Mom asked the flight attendant and he said we could have FIVE minutes in the restroom. Mom got me in a new dipe, but she didn't have time to change our shorts. She was stuck in wet shorts and she just left mine off. So there I was, Mr. Big Shot, flying sans pants. I'm so good at keeping the adults around me on their toes!

Alden, junior dentist.

The soy beans are looking good this year.

Alden with Quinn at the zoo.
Meeting Viper, a friendly corn snake.

Hi there, seatmate! Lucky you!