Locks, Garbage, Beetles, and Bowling - All in a Weekend's Work

I, Toddler Houdini, mastered the Safety 1st child locks in the kitchen. I could open them faster than Mom. Then the most horrible thing happened. Dad upgraded the locks to another kind. I pull on them and cry because I don't know how to open them yet. 

On Friday, we met up with Elianna and her Mom at the Natural Science Museum. I loved it. I love snakes and they have a lot of them there. We went to story time and we got to see a real corn snake, just like the one we met in Saginaw. They also had a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach which we all touched. Elianna and I also played with Bess Beetles. Mom cannot believe all the stuff she is touching now that I'm around. I'm really expanding her horizons.

After the museum we went to Elianna's house and we saw the coolest thing. The recycle truck stopped right in front of her house. Not only did they pick up the recycling, but they ran the compactor too. It was so awesome.

On Sunday I tried bowling for the first time. I must be a natural because my score was 145. Dad helped me lift the ball onto the ramp. I did the pushing. The coolest thing was watching the ball come back!

Alden beating his best time on the cabinet locks.
Alden and Elianna checking out the Bess Beetles.
A big deal to a little truck loving dude.
Bumper bowling champ.

Trying out a tree stand at Dick's.