Knock Down Candles!

I had a rough weekend! Thursday was my birthday. Mom came home with Elmo balloons and cake. I didn't care much though. Something was just not right with me. I tried to cling to Mom to see if she could figure out what was wrong. We got the cake out. Mom and Dad sang to me and after a few minutes of trying to knock down my candle I figured out they wanted me to blow on it. I ended up tossing my cookies so we didn't do any gifts :(  I kept telling Mom and Dad "all done" hoping it would make the rotten feeling in my tummy go away.

I spent the weekend with a fever, only drinking milk and juice, sleeping, crying, and clinging to Mom. It was awful. I just wanted to feel better. I even had to miss Megan's birthday party. Mom and Dad even let me sleep in their bed on Saturday. Just like old times, I slept on Mom's rib cage. Finally on Sunday my fever broke.

When Mom and Dad ask me how old I am, I say "one" and hold up one finger. Then they say "noooo you are two." I love teasing them. They think I'm fibbing about my age already.

Tonight was Halloween. It was cold and raining. Quinn was kind enough to pass me along his cool green dragon costume. Mom tried to get me to go trick or treating. I wasn't interested. Why would I go out in the rain when we had a candy stash at home?! Someone had to stick around and keep an eye on it!

Elmo cake.

Frosting tester.

Alden enjoyed sorting his new golf clubs into corresponding colored tubs.

Alden made sure everyone stayed within their candy quota.

Halloween with umbrellas. 



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