Knock Down

Hello there! On Friday I went on a playdate with Claire.  We rode our mommy-powered strollers around a lake. I enjoyed pointing out things to her, like yellow leaves. Yellow is one of my new favorite words. I love to point out yellow things, especially yellow buses. I'm getting better and better at putting multiple words together like "yellow car."

On Saturday we went out in some woods to take some pictures for my upcoming birthday. I'll share those with you after I officially turn two. 

My favorite restaurant is Baba Ganoush. It's the only place I'll eat green beans. We went there on Saturday and I danced on my chair in between bites. Mom and Dad thought it was pretty funny.

 My favorite food is bread. I enjoy it straight out of the freezer. No need to waste the time toasting it!

Mom has LOTS of Halloween decorations around the house. She even put out some for me. I do pretty good not touching her stuff. Tonight Mom took me on a stroller ride in the dark. We took a big flashlight and went looking for Halloween decorations and lights. It was really fun. We looked for the moon but it wasn't out. We saw lots of tombstones and skeletons. This time of year is fun.  I say "knock down" when I see stacked pumpkins.

Hey Claire, here's a yellow one!