Lots of Preparation

Mom and Dad have been really busy around the house. Dad put lots of lights outside and Mom has been hiding on the computer working on parade stuff. Christmas sure needs a lot of preparation! They went to a Christmas party on Saturday and Grandma and Grandpa came over to hang with me.

Yesterday Mom took me shopping with her. She wanted to get some Angel Tree gifts purchased, but I found it more interesting to look for myself. I really enjoy the Sesame Street collection at Target. Sometimes I get frustrated because they don't let you take the toys out of the box at the store. Tonight I helped Mom make some cookies. In exchange for my hard labor, she let me eat one!

I discovered a way to get your parent to pay attention to you lighting fast. Sometimes I break the faucet in my kitchen. Then Dad needs to fix it with glue, a screwdriver, and a wrench. Dad was gone and Mom was hanging with me. Mom was in the potty.  I didn't want to wait for Dad to come home to help me fix the faucet, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I rummaged through the tool drawer in the kitchen and pulled the 3 items I need. I then started upstairs saying "glue back on." You should have seen how fast Mom came to check on me. Now they hide the glue from me :(

I love to play sandwich baker with my oven. I put my wood sandwich puzzle in, bake it, and then I pull out it out and say "hot" and blow on it. Then I take some big pretend bites. Yum, I'm a great cook! 

I can count to two now.

I love Sesame Street in particular Elmo, the Grouch, Ernie, Count, and Cookie Monster.

I love pointing out moms and babies on my puzzles and books. Tonight I showed Mom the "Mama Neigh" and "Baby Neigh" on my farm animal puzzle.

I know what snowmen are, but I still need to learn about this Santa guy.

Alden the toy tester.