Salon Toddler

I hate getting my haircut. Last time I let everyone know by having a Class A meltdown. Yesterday Mom and Dad upped the stakes. They promised me a new toy if I would sit to get my haircut without crying.

The haircut started well enough. I had my choice of an airplane, boat, or car. I picked the car of course, because there was another kid in it. I had more time to enjoy the play area. Once the car was vacated and cleaned, Mom tricked me into getting into it by rolling me over in a toy car. Once I was settled into the car with my cape on and the stylist cutting, I pulled a fast one by whining to move over to the airplane.

I was on the verge of tears, but Mom and Dad kept reminding me of the toy at the end. I hated it, but the promise of a new garbage truck was very appealing. So I stuck it out in the car. After we went to the toy store, but they were all out of garbage trucks. I had to pick out a pizza set instead.

I've been really curious about this white tub with a cord under Mom and Dad's bed. So Sunday night, Mom asked me if I want to do a pedicure. Sure! I was set up with the footbath, scrubber, and some fun fizzy tablets to put in the water. What a great end to the weekend of maintenance.

PS - Since Mom and Dad had their way yesterday I had to show them who was boss tonight. I threw my bedtime brown milk on the floor and told them to pick it up. It was quite the showdown. I gave them lots of tears. The standoff only ended when I got concerned they'd take it away.

On an unhappy road.

Keeping the pigs toddler soft.