Thank You US Airways

Thank you US Airways for delivering Aunt Jenny to me for the weekend! After picking up Aunt Jenny from the airport on Friday we went to PlayNation where I was able to show off my slide climbing skills to her.

On Saturday we went to Pullen Park. I rode the train, carousel, and boat. It was my first time driving a boat there. It was special because the adults are too big  to ride the boats so it's just the kids. The weather was great. We had lunch at a place called The Rockford in Raleigh. The service was really slow and they didn't have any brown milk. So Mom walked me over to the pub next door and we had the bartender make me one.

On Sunday we put together a bookcase for Nub. I helped bang in the pegs. Mom and Dad went out to an eat place and I stayed home and helped Aunt Jenny bake ziti. We also made a cool airplane out of the bookcase boxes.

Aunts are good!

Aunt Jenny and Alden waiting to ride the cow painted pig.

Alden is on a boat!