Learning to Steer

I had another busy weekend. On Friday we went to Evan's house to meet his new brother. I found Evan's toys to be more interesting than the baby.  I was surprised to see that Evan has dinosaurs painted in his bedroom. Miss Charlotte did that. Mom kept pointing out the baby to me for some reason.

On Saturday morning we went to a museum to see snakes. They were green and wrapped around a tree. One moved and hid his eyes under his coils. Later that day, Miss Charlotte came over so Mom and Dad could go to an eat place and movie without me. They got home just as I was going to bed. They watched a sad movie, Act of Valor, so I got extra smooches and cuddles from Mom that evening.

Many times at bedtime I love to recap the day vocally. I just go on and on..."Miss Charlotte paint dinosaurs on the walls. Blue walls. Moma said we need new house. Alden don't want new house. Green snake move on tree. Snake hid eyes....Dada go on airplane..."

Yesterday when I was playing with my Little People airplane I impressed Mom by telling her my passenger were going to Las Vegas and Florida.

I am learning how to steer. I practice driving my 4-wheeler down the caulk road.

Toddler's first ATV.