Easter Bunny Brings Garbage Truck!

Yesterday was Easter. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I had given Mom and Dad a hard time about putting me to bed the night before. I wanted more sleep after all that fussing, but they came to get me at 8 a.m. When we got downstairs there was a path of yarn to follow. They told me the Easter Bunny left that so I could find my basket.

Dad helped me follow the yarn and at the end of it was some books, an Earnie game, and a glorious green garbage truck. I love the garbage truck. I have several trash cans and a dumpster I can use with it. Mom and Dad wanted to take me to Paige and Brendan's house for some kind of "egg hunt." I didn't want to leave because I was too busy with my new garbage truck. To get me moving, Mom and Dad said we could bring it with us.

We headed in the wagon to Paige and Brendan's where I discovered I do like egg hunts. Why? Because Easter eggs have candy in them! I would open every egg and eat the candy out of it before looking for more eggs. Then Miss Joni made us all breakfast and served me green Grouch juice!

We went home and then I played with my garbage truck while Mom made strawberry pie and pasta salad. Next a BIG truck showed up and two guys came out of it with Nub's dresser.

Then we went to Molly's house where we did another egg hunt. We also had dinner and us kids made some paper bunnies.

When we got home I Skype'd Grandma and Grandpa so they could see my garbage truck. Then I hollered about NOT going to bed so I could play some more. Mom and Dad were really mean and didn't let me take my garbage truck into my crib.

Alden shortly after meeting his garbage truck.

I'm here for Easter eggs and I brought my garbage truck!
Before we hunt for eggs, let's play with my garbage truck.
I hope this one has a marshmallow chick in it!

Wow, Molly's yard has eggs in it too!



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