Packing Peanuts Don't Cause Allergies Only Trouble

I'm so cute.  I delighted Mom and Dad recently with winning quips such as "Miss Charlotte City" (Mom told me it was just called Charlotte), getting my haircut at Dad's big boy place (my first non-kid place haircut) on Saturday, and asking to watch the Ghostbusters theme song video. I now imitate the guy making his finger go around and around during the song. Mom told me the guy does that because you had to do that on phones in the old days.

Tonight I had lots of fun dumping out a box of packing peanuts. Oh, and they were so much fun to stomp on! Mom was not pleased. I pulled out a "Alden make mess for Mama" in my cutest voice. She was not thrilled. I told her I would sweep it. I guess she didn't like my sweeping because the dogs got kicked outside and I got grounded to the couch while she went after the mess. Later she calmed down and let me help vacuum up the smaller pieces. Sure she was mad, but it was totally worth it!

The mess before another 'round of stomping and sweeping.