On Friday, Mom took me to an indoor pool to have a playdate with Claire. I'm not so sure about swimming. I think it is more fun to get into stuff around the pool. As we were leaving the pool I made Mom help me find the dumpsters. Then we had noodles at an eat place for lunch. Before heading home we found the dumpsters there. Mom was impressed because I was able to identify the grease dumpster on my own. She didn't know Dad had taught me all about them.

I have a new big boy construction puzzle that Mom and Dad gave me on Friday. By Saturday they were impressed that I can put it together on my own. I've long outgrown my big wood shape puzzles.

On Sunday, we went to an eat place and Mom and Dad kept talking about going to see some trucks. I didn't know what the heck they were talking about so I kept insisting that we go check out the dumpsters and trash cans instead.

Finally they got me away from that and we went to a mall parking lot where they had every kind of truck and cool big equipment thing you can think of: a garbage truck, police cars, recycle truck, bus, ambulance, multiple helicopters, fire trucks, diggers, etc. The first thing I did was sit in the garbage truck. We even got to see a life-flight helicopter land! I sat in a military helicopter, but not one of the life-flight ones. We waited in a long line to get up to it. When it was my turn I didn't want to sit in the front; I wanted to let into the back but everyone told me I was in the wrong line for that. I got really mad and Mom and Dad got annoyed. Shortly after that we headed home for nap time.

I wish every weekend was touch-a-truck weekend.

Hah-hah, snagged Miss Katie's keys!

"Behind me is where the grease goes, here's the cardboard dumpster..." --- Toddler lecture.

Alden's new big boy puzzle.

Looking at garbage - AGAIN.

Checking out a dirty digger!

This garbage truck is dual-op!

Checking out a Vietnam-era helicopter.