Small Storm Before the Big Storm

We sure have been going a lot of places these days. Mom and Dad have a lot of energy and there's just so much going on! Mom said something about needing to get out before "lockdown".

This week I had playdates with Molly and Evan. We also met up with Claire, Miss Kelly, and her sons at the pool. While we were there, Dad stayed home to work on his "honey do" list which included cleaning Nub's car seat. I enjoy rocking in it.

On Friday we went to Paige and Brendan's house and there were some Jaycees people there wanting to celebrate Nub with us.  On Saturday, we went to Will and Ellie's 1st birthday party. The best part was watching them eat cake for the first time. Welcome to the world of sugar!

Today we had dinner with Cousin Trevor, Aunt Sue, and Uncle Rob. I really laid on the charm so if my parents ever tell them about any of my stubborn toddler tricks they'll take MY side. We got to hear all about Trevor's soccer adventures. Aunt Sue asked me what sports I like and I told her "hide and seek." My favorite position is hider! 

I've been asked what we should name Nub. I've suggested Golf and Trevor. 

Pool with Claire.

Will's cool party hat.

A bit snug these days.