Fussy Town

Trent will be 7 weeks old this Thursday. The dude used to be more quiet, but some evenings he is now crying and being fussy. We don't really know why. All his needs appear to be met. Mom calls those type of evenings "Fussy Town."  Mom and Dad tell me I was much, much worse when I was a newborn. I don't remember!  I don't like it because when Trent is fussy Mom and Dad split up at bedtime. Dad usually stays with me and Mom goes to try to calm Trent. In the good old days I had the full attention of both!

It is very hot now. If we don't go to the park in the morning we get stuck indoors. At the Farmer's Market on Saturday I had the face painter put a snowman on my face just to help me feel cooler. We go to the Farmer's Market almost every Saturday. I love to eat goat cheese and crackers there. I haven't found a cheese I don't like yet.

I also love to help Mom and Dad clean on the weekends.

"Rhythm of the Night" by Trent*

Christmas in July

Germs and wrinkles don't stand a chance!


*Baby on belly in crib for photographic not sleeping purposes. Yes we have heard of "back to sleep."