Mommy's Little Firecracker

As I mentioned last time, Grandma and Grandpa Jezewski and Aunt Jenny came to visit me last week.  I loved how I was able to charm them into being human bassinets. Nothing like a good cuddle nap!

While I was sleeping in my car seat, we went to a tent to buy fireworks. Alden has a complicated relationship with fireworks. He is scared and fascinated with them all at the same time. Dad got asked for "quiet fireworks" because that is what Alden had requested (this was while Mom went to Old Navy to look for "step-down clothes" --- whatever that is).  Dad got some simple fireworks and colored smoke bombs. Alden liked the smoke bombs but the other fireworks were a bit scary cause they were loud.

On the 4th, it was really hot. We went to a parade in the park by our house. Miss Joni organized it. Kids from our neighborhood decorated their wagons, bikes, and strollers to be in it. Alden rode in his wagon while I hitched a ride on Mom. When it came time to pose for a picture, Alden hopped out and wiped off his wagon.  He's a man that knows how to make sure his vehicle is in best viewing condition!

Last Monday I went to a playdate with four other babies born in May and June. Let's face it, at this age a playdate is just a chance for the mommies to yack and compare notes over coffee while we sleep and eat.

Alden is getting more used to having me around. Before he'd get annoyed while Mom was nursing me. However since he gets to watch Mickey Mouse Club on the iPad while I eat he now likes nursing time. He even asks Mom when it is time to feed Trent.

I've learned that when Alden says "Do you see what I'm doing?" he usually is doing something that Mom and Dad aren't going to be too pleased about.

I don't know what goes on during Alden's bath but I heard some horrible crying in the bathroom last night "No hair, no hair!!". I don't like baths either!

Snuggle nap on Grandma.

Comfy on Aunt Jenny.
Alden getting his drink on in his patriotic wagon.

Trent's first 4th!

Kids on parade.
The Stafford's on the 4th of July 2012
Car seat rodeo.

Alden comfy and content to watch Mickey.