Waste Management

Friday was Mom's birthday. Dad and I made her a garbage truck birthday card. We also took her out to a place called Bonefish Grill for dinner. Mom had to make an early exit because Trent woke up while we were eating and started crying. When we got home we got to eat lots of Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

I love vacuum cleaners. I used the yellow vacuum cleaner to help Dad clean out the green car. I did it all by myself!

Sometimes the diaper service around here gets a bit lax. I love to check out the tractors at Home Depot. I asked Dad if they had bathrooms there. It look him a bit to figure out that the reason I was asking is because my diaper had leaked and I had wet the seat of one of the tractors. I wonder if that is the reason we went to Lowe's instead yesterday?

Mom canceled Trent's upper GI appointment. One of her friends told her what  a yucky experience it was, even for a big person. She is going to get a second opinion.

Trent smiles now, but we are having a real tough time getting him to do it in front of the camera.

Today Mom chased down a garbage truck for me. We followed it to two clean cardboard dumpsters. It was awesome to watch it go dump, dump! Garbage trucks are so cool - I bet they get followed all the time!

Trent smile.

Alden's car detailing service.