Sleeping it Off

Zzzzz....I went to the doctor today for my 4m well visit and I was assaulted with 3 pokes and one dose of yucky stuff.  I've been sleeping a lot of the day. I cannot believe Mom signed the consent for for all that torture. 

I am 17 lb and 26 inches tall. That means I've grown 4.5 inches and I'll have doubled my birth weight very soon (I started at 8 lb 15 oz).  Amazing what I can accomplish in one quarter! I can now hold my head up well, put things in my mouth, drool, make spit bubbles, and make a whole range of cute sounds. I smile back at people.  I'm also really good at diaper blow outs. I no longer mold myself "treefrog" style into someone when they hold me.

Doc said to wait until 6m to introduce me to solids so Mom and Dad have a little bit more time before I start making food messes. I mainly nurse, but I get some formula too.

I'm still sleeping in Mom and Dad's room in my bassinet, but I'm getting quite big for it. During the night, I like to listen to crickets on the iPhone.

I'm off my Zantac and doing fine.

Sleepy dude.