Little Buds

So much news to share! Last week I had my 6 month well visit. I am now over 20 pounds and 28" tall. I can sit up on my own for some seconds if someone gets me in position first. Little teeth buds have also appeared in the bottom of my mouth.

I'm an excellent splasher in the tub now!

Saturday was a weird day. Mom and Dad took off early in the morning to work at something called a parade. We had Miss Charlotte, Miss Shannon, Paige, Brendan, Grandpa, and Grandma all over at various times of the day. That evening some Jaycees people came over to eat pizza and keep me up past my bedtime. I almost fell asleep in my high chair. 

Dad is done (for the most part) putting up his Christmas lights.

On Sunday we went to Marbles. I played in the 18 month and younger section for the first time. Alden and Mom really enjoyed making a wood pretend house and then painting it. He also made a wooden screw holder.  Alden loves tools. Alden wants to build a real house.

Sometimes Mom takes me for a walk with the dogs if I'm having a hard time figuring out how to nap. Poor Mallory has a boo-boo knee and she is going to the doctor this week. She will likely need to have something called surgery. Dad is using scary words like "confinement" when he talks about her. Hang in there, Mal!

A new view of the world.

Making a custom screw holder with real tools.

Alden painting his house.

Helping Mom walk the dogs.