Oh Blue Christmas Tree

The house is noisy. I like to be loud with my garbage trucks. Mallory is mad that she is stuck in her kennel with her boo-boo leg so she whines and barks a lot.

I had such a good time last week building a house at Marbles that we did it again. We took Grandma and Grandpa.  Grandpa and I built another house. I took it home, but I want to add more to it later. It has a chimney so Santa can come to it.

Mom stayed home so she could clean. Boring! She put away all of Trent's 6 month size clothes since he has outgrown them.

On Saturday we went to 3 parties. First in the morning we went to a kid birthday party. I had my first roasted marshmallow. I did not like it so I gave it to Mom. Then we went to our neighbor's and I enjoyed playing with Amar's toys. I also tried naan bread for the first time. In the evening we went to Mr. Chris' MBA graduation party. We got to decorate cookies and make a dreidel out of marshmallows. 

Trent and I have our own Christmas tree. It is blue with blue lights. I put all the ornaments on it. Mom and Dad found a garbage truck ornament for me - it is awesome. I broke the wheels off it so Dad used glue to fix it. I've been good about not breaking it again.

Look at the house we built!

Youthful, beautiful, blue Christmas tree.