More and More Interactive

Mom and Dad are loving how I am becoming more and more interactive. I'm more interested in toys now, especially since my grabbing and sitting up skills have come so far. I use bath toys. I like to splash in the bath. I like to put everything in my mouth.

This week I started sitting in a highchair when at restaurants. Now I can make a mess of food at home and on the go!

Last night Mom and Dad kicked me out of their room. Mom was sad - no more babies in the master bedroom. I'm all alone in my own room. I didn't fit in my bassinet anymore but I do miss having my parents so close. My white noise crickets made the move with me. I have a cold and I made Mom stay with me midnight to 3 a.m. Mom said her mantra during times like that is "eventually he'll fall asleep."

Sunday night dinner at Zoe's.

Fishy bath friend.