Going Viral

At least my NOSE is better now. Yesterday morning I had some spots on my belly. Mom didn't think they were a big deal so we headed to meet my friend Molly at Marbles. Later Mom noticed I was itching. She pulled up my shirt and discovered HIVES. So we quickly ate our lunch and headed to the walk in pediatrician office AGAIN.

Waiting was awful. We were in there for over an hour and Mom kept telling me to stop touching stuff. "Everybody here has germs!" Trent was crabby because he wanted to be napping. Finally we got to the back and the doctor told us my ear still looked a little infected and it looks like I have viral hives. They sent me home full of Benadryl and I passed out in the car.

I still have the hives, but the Benadryl stops the itching. Mom has some pictures of my hives on her phone, but I will spare you the gory here.

In better news, Trent's teeth are bigger and he's gone from a gummy to a toothie smile.

I went to the dentist for the first time last week. Mom said I did AWESOME. She said it was so much fancier than when she want to a dentist as a kid. When she was a kid all she got to look at was a poster that said, "You only need to floss the teeth you want to keep." I got to pick a video. I watched Bob The Builder. I got fluoride and x-rays just like big people do.

At bedtime I ask Mom to tell me about what it was like when she was a girl. Currently she is telling me stories about Tommy Johnson. Mom and her friend Erin would go to his house to get treats, but they had to watch video tapes of song birds at his bird feeders. 

Oh, it is pretty funny when Mom has to take Trent and I with her when she walks the dogs. Two dudes, a huge stroller, and two big dogs makes for a great entourage. Today we went to check out the construction at the entrance for the neighborhood.  There are many pieces of heavy equipment there. Today we saw a backhoe loader moving stuff. Mom is very sad that they cut down some old, very beautiful hardwood trees so they can put up a new neighborhood.

Our next door neighbor's house is for sale. Mom is enjoying watching people tour the house.

First Dentist visit.

Checking on the construction.