The Pink Stuff

Last week wasn't that great. The house has been full of coughs, crabby people, congestion, and runny noses.

On Tuesday Alden was very crabby. At dinner time he started screaming that his ears hurt. So Mom left me with Miss Shannon and took him to the after-hours pediatrician. I heard that he cried and fussed the whole time he was in the waiting room. The office stuff was chuckling about it.

He was diagnosed with an ear infection and sent to the pharmacy to get some pink syrupy stuff.

On Wednesday Mom and I went to UNC. They had me be a part of a hearing study to see how infants learn in the presence of distractions. It started out ok, but then I got fussy. Mom fed me and they tried again, but I had enough of that sound booth. We left but we have another appointment soon. I got my first paycheck out of it, a whole $15!

On Friday I had a fever and I threw up again. I have been throwing up about every 3 days. I also had a rattle when I breathed. So away I went to the doctor. I was diagnosed with a double ear infection. So I got my own bottle of pink syrupy stuff.  The good news is none of the congestion was in my lungs.

I think the pharmacist thinks Mom likes him!

Alden is doing a lot better now. I'm better too, but I still have my runny nose.

I am looking forward to kicking this cold for good!

Our new BFF.