The Cement Truck

We have been busy! On Friday we went to a gym place to get out of the house. I enjoyed crawling backwards and rolling around. Mom got some video of me. I hope she uploads some soon so I can show you just how one who doesn't crawl forward can still get around.

Alden enjoyed jumping in the balls and climbing the ladder.

Yesterday Alden and Dad attended a food-free Easter egg hunt for kids with food allergies.

Today we had some friends from Mom's Baby Steps group over. Both of the other moms have a 3 year-old and an infant too. Funny how their timing worked out.

Alden has been resisting potty training, but Mom and Dad upped their game on Saturday. As of Saturday morning, they are putting Alden in big boy undies during the day and pull-ups at night. The success rate has been about 50/50. The washing machine is really busy in our house. Mom said if she can handle washing cloth diapers she can handle wet clothes. Mom and Dad were holding out on food rewards but they broke down yesterday and started paying Alden in chocolate chips. Today they even bribed him with a cement truck.  I think Alden is plotting how he can earn a whole fleet of trucks!

Potty training bribe truck.

Preschooler ball swimming.