Butt Prints for Mommy

So much has changed in a year. This was my first Mother's Day on the outside. Last year at this time I was still living in hot tub world, floating around without a care in the world. Daddy helped Alden and I make Mommy a bag with our handprints and butt prints on it. You can be so creative with puffy fabric pens.

On Saturday Mommy ran her first 10K race. She was very excited because she was able to run the whole time. She was nervous because she missed some training due to a sore hip.

Mommy thinks it is cute when she has two dudes to push in a race car shopping cart. I'm so big and strong I can sit up so well and play with the steering wheel.

I showed off a great surprise yesterday. When Mommy came to get me from nap time I was standing in my crib. Pulling to stand is awesome. Most of the time I'm just on my knees, but just give me a few weeks!

Alden is still having some number 2 issues with potty training, but he is getting better. On Friday we went to the toy store to get him an art kit to celebrate a success. I enjoyed playing on the toy piano.

Baby grand.

Driver's Ed. for Trent.

Butt print bag for Mommy.

Strawberry stains are in season!