Everything Old is New Again

Trent doesn't show his teeth much  when there is a camera out so Mommy hasn't been able to get a good picture. She keeps trying though. Trent turned 11 months. Before long, we will be eating his birthday cake!

Mommy went to Myrtle Beach for the weekend with some friends. This is the first time she has been away since she became a Mommy. Before that, we had only been separated while she was in the hospital to get  Trent.  While the house was a bit dirty when she came home, we are proud to report no damage was done :)

On Friday we got some of my old toys down from the attic for Trent. It was good to see my old playhouse again. It was fun splashing water to wash them all up. There's going to be some major work going on up there soon.

Look at those teeth!

The text we sent to Mommy to tell her to come home.