Pictures From the BIG ONE

Mom calls me her "kettlebell" for good reason. Here are my stats from my 1 year well visit.

Trent at 6 days old and 1 year, same bucket.

  • Weight at birth, 8 lb 15 oz. 
  • Weight at one year, 24 lb 5 oz. (85-95% for boys)
  • That's an increase of 172%
  • Height at birth, 21.5"
  • Height at one year, 30.5" (75% for boys)
  • That's an increase of 42%
As for turning one, the cake is excellent, but the vaccines are horrible! 

We also got back our pictures from my one year shoot. I've pasted some below for your enjoyment.

Also of note, Alden had his last day of the "young preschool class" last Thursday. They had a party with pictures and Italian ice. Mom got choked up. That was all Ms. Iva's fault. Mom is going back to work later this week. I'm not sure what that means for me.

Happy to be one.


Back in the bucket.


Cake brought to you after HOURS on Pinterest.

Yum! (banner from Etsy)

Balloon ride.

Alden and Ms. Brenda, last day of school.