A Two Cake Weekend

The pictures below are out-of-order, but I am too tired to fix them.

Last week Trent progressed from climbing the stairs at Marbles to doing the ones at home. He went from not trying to climb the stairs to being really good at it in a flash. He took a similar approach to crawling. It's like he holds back until he can be really good at something.

Trent's hair is getting shaggy. Mommy keeps talking about a first hair cut for him.

Uncle Bob came to visit for the weekend. He is a fun guy. We took him to get burgers. On Sunday we met up with Aunt Sue for lunch. I spent most of the time in the toy corner and Trent enjoyed himself dropping his straw cup and food on the floor. On Sunday night Daddy and Uncle Bob went to the Barenaked Ladies concert.

Mommy and I went to a Gender Reveal party to see what kind of babies are in Claire's Mommy's tummy. A Gender Reveal party means you get color coded cake baked by Miss Kelly. Can you say AWESOME?! It was so much fun it was streamed live on the internet. We are happy to know the E family will be adding TWO DUDES to their kid collection.

Yesterday I fell asleep at 6:30 on the way to the grocery store. I slept through the whole trip. Mommy put me in my bed when we got home. I woke up at 10:00 yelling for water but I went back to bed after. I got up to say hi to Daddy and Uncle Bob when they got home. In the middle of the night I went and crawled in Mommy and Daddy's bed and found out Mallory was missing.

Mallory and Alex escaped via a loose gate during their night-night potty break. Uncle Bob watched the house while Mommy and Daddy went through the 'hood on foot, bike, and car. They got Alex back. At 1:30 a.m. they still hadn't found Mallory. It was raining so they decided to come home and go to bed. That's when I decided it was a good night to go snuggle with them. I kept talking while they kept trying to sleep. At about 2:00 a.m. I woke Mommy up because I heard barking. Mommy jumped up and ran outside. She heard Mallory too and called for her, but she didn't come. Then Daddy went looking again. She didn't come back. I asked Mommy if she was worried about Mallory getting hit by a car. She was surprised to hear such a thing out of a 3 year old.

She replied that Mallory would be ok because she can look both ways. I told her that only service dogs know to look both ways. Mommy was very impressed that I knew what a service dog is. I watched a video on service dogs over and over again.

At 3 a.m. we heard barking on the front porch. Mallory was finally home

Today she was very tired and moved a lot slower. Mommy thinks she is sore from all  that running.

Two BLUE cakes!

Green jello into the water table.

Trent pushing over his cup at lunch.

Passed out shopper.

King Crawler.

Bath time hair.