Documentation Day - June 29

Mommy  had this idea to do "documentation days." That's where she uses an app to pick a random day of the month and then for that day we document what we do. That way we can remember "average" days when we are older. She put it on her calendar for Saturday, but she didn't notice it was on there until the day was almost done. Better luck next time! That's why I don't have many pictures to share.

Our first documentation day was Saturday. Daddy had just gotten back from a trip to Florida the night before. Mommy was ready to have him home. It was a tiring week for her which climaxed in Trent throwing up ALL over at bedtime on Friday night. I was watching my iPad when she started yelling "Alden come here, I need your help something bad happened." She was in Trent's bathtub with him. I went and got her a yuck bucket and new clothes. It smelled bad so I covered my nose.

On Saturday morning we slept in a bit. Then Mommy and Trent headed off to his swim class while Daddy and I went to the Farmer's Market. We like to go there most Saturdays.  After swim class, we had lunch at home while Trent napped. Mommy lamented over the lost time with us while she is working now. She was sad, but I didn't cut her any slack.

After Trent got up we dropped some stuff off at the dry cleaners. Then we went to downtown Apex because Mommy wanted to get a picture framed. Daddy was in charge of watching us. He quickly got bored walking us around because it was hot. We came in the frame shop and Mommy was still busy looking around. Daddy was annoyed because he thought she knew what she wanted. Mommy was annoyed because she wanted more time and some peace. She ended sending us over to the ice cream shop across the street. Score!!

After the frame shop we went to Target. We don't go there much anymore now that there is a Walmart by our house.

When we got home, we split up. Mom stayed home and hung with Trent. Daddy and I met Evan and Mr. Dave (his Dad) at the Durham Bulls game. Daddy passed on carpooling because he thought I'd ask to leave early, but I made it the whole time - even through the fireworks at the end! Of course I did fun stuff like planked across the seats and asked to go to the play area. On the way home we stopped to get Mommy some Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Her favorite. When we got home they put me straight to bed. I love being a big boy!

What a documentation day!

Go Bulls!

Hands in the mouth, AGAIN!