I Like That Girl

On Saturday we went to my buddy Austin's birthday party. He turned one last month and his dad turns the big 4-0 tomorrow. They had a combined shin-dig to celebrate.

I got to have chocolate milk for the first time there. It was tasty. I enjoyed crawling in the pool with my clothes on. Miss Joni helped me walk around holding hands. 

Alden kept following a teen girl around. She helped Alden play with Austin's new bubble blowing leaf blower and Alden thought that was really cool. Alden would tell her, "get that kid" with the bubbles.

We had to leave the party for me to go home and get my nap on. During the stroller ride home, Alden kept asking if Daddy could take him back. "I like that girl" he told Mommy. She asked him why. "She's nice." "When I'm grown up I'm going to live with her." "When I grow up I'm going to marry her."

Too bad Mr. Romeo didn't get her name or number!

Get that kid!

Trent and the Birthday Boy