Kitchen Helpers

Our friend Miss Charlotte moved and we will miss her. We were very happy we got to hang out with her on Friday before she left. She gives the best piggy back rides ever. She also helped me with some really cool art projects. Our friend Miss Shannon moved to ECU. It is a time of new beginnings for them.

I am a good helper in the kitchen. Mommy showed me how to use a special mixer to make a carrot and mango juice drink. I got to put it in a really weird type of glass.

Tonight Mommy let me grate cheese for our dinner. Daddy won't let me use the cheese grater. Mommy warned me about watching my fingers. I came up with an idea all on my own to protect myself. I used some tongs to hold the cheese. Smart!

Mommy got a lamp today. Trent and I enjoyed dumping the packing peanuts all over and playing in the mess. It was worth the clean up!

We found a new kitchen table on Saturday. We went to some big woodworking metal shop place. There were a lot of interesting tools there. Mommy and Daddy spent so long talking to some guy that I fell asleep in Daddy's arms. They ended up getting a table made out of an old barn and a metal shelf (for the legs). They love it.

I am doing an incentive program called Play Doh for Poop. I regressed a bit on my number 2 training. I can earn points daily for all poop that goes in the potty. I can then turn in my points for Play Doh toys. So far I've earned a Play Doh crane and a Play Doh brick maker.

Hanging with Miss C.

Shaken not stirred.
Kitchen helper.

Packing peanut party!