Gobble Gobble

Grandma and Grandpa S joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. Alden helped Mommy make the desserts. He is really talented at spoon licking. I enjoyed putting my feet up on the table after dinner.

There is a new helicopter at the children's museum. Alden loved it. We couldn't get him out of it.

Today was my 18m well visit. Those things are such a scam. It starts out all nice. People are smiling and telling you it is ok to run around in your dipe. Then it ends with two shots and lots of screaming. I cannot believe Mommy participated in such a horror.  I am 32.75 inches tall (62%) and 26 lb 13.5 oz (85%). My doctor did tell Mommy that she is going to get us a referral for a speech therapist. Not sure what that all is about.

Spoon licking fun. 

What do you mean I shouldn't put my feet on the table?

What does a fox say on a helicopter?

So mad at Mommy he ripped off both band-aids. 
Early scribbles.