Here's My Belly!

I love my yellow and green blankies. They have holes in them. I love to dig my fingers into the holes. Mommy washed them yesterday and I knocked down the clothes basket so I could get to them and run around with them. I sometimes like to put them in my mouth.

We went to Marbles Sunday. I am really getting the hang of role-play and figuring out how stuff works. I pushed around a grocery cart and then rang up my stuff.

Tonight while Mommy was making dinner I grabbed a spatula out of the drawer and I tried to help her with the frying pan on the stove top. I was very upset that she didn't let me. So what if it is hot? How's a guy supposed to learn?

On Saturday morning, Mommy found me pant-less in my crib. I enjoyed taking them off and throwing them along with my blankies. It is a new trick!

I know my belly now. When I show it, I get laughs. I also get funny reactions when I lift up Mommy and Daddy's shirts and give their belly buttons a tickle.

Loving the blankies.

Trent ringing up his customer.