We are Family - Come On Everybody Sing

I had the best field trip EVER! However, I'm going to make you wait until next week to see the photos from that.

This weekend Aunt Jenny, Uncle Balex, and Aunt Kat came to say with us. We were on the go and out for adventure the entire weekend.

We picked up Aunt Jenny and Uncle Balex on Friday. Since they got in late we got to stay up late. Woot! Aunt Jenny surprised me with a Mr. T shirt and Trent with a hedgehog one (everybody loves hedgehogs and Mommy's maiden name means hedgehog).  Uncle Balex gave me a video education on Mr. T on YouTube.

On Saturday we tried Wyatt's Grocery in Durham. Daddy was very disappointed that they were only serving brunch. He's not a fan. Then we headed to Toys R Us so Aunt Jenny and Uncle Balex could get me a Play Doh set. Next we picked up Aunt Kat. Ready for even more adventure we headed to Marbles to wait for a new eat place called The Oak City Meatball Shoppe to open. They basically only sell meatballs. I wasn't impressed by the dinner, but the cake pops were good.

On Sunday we went to the Life and Science Museum before heading to the The Pit for lunch. They should have called it The Wait. It look over an hour to get our food...and when you dine with a toddler and preschooler that's not pretty! That evening Mommy and Daddy were going to go out, but Daddy didn't feel good. With the guest bed occupied, Mommy crawled into bed with me.

Today we took Aunt Jenny and Uncle Balex to the airport. Aunt Katie will go home tomorrow. We stuck closer to home today, but we did make it to Defy Gravity a trampoline park. We also went to a park and played for a bit since the weather was nice. We went to REI and I got a snake egg. So cool. Mommy and Aunt Kat got new jackets on clearance.

I'm already excited for their next visit.

Bouncin' Balex. 

I pity the fool who makes me wait at an eat place! 

Trent using his doctor kit. 

Sunday night football - Alden wasn't interested.

Learning the spider.

My Aunt let me put underwear on my head and eat a bowl of chocolate.