Snow Daze

We had a ball last week - a snow ball that is. Daddy was in CA. On Tuesday we started the day with a gym class. The weather people kept talking about a snow storm but we didn't see anything. They canceled my school just in case.

Wednesday started normal enough, but right after lunch it started snowing. We made muffins with Mommy in case the power went out. Mommy called them "survival muffins." The snow kept coming and coming and soon we couldn't see our grass. We also got sleet. We saw on the TV that a lot of people had trouble driving home.

Wednesday night we rode a sled to Brendan and Paige's house for dinner. Trent cried the whole time. Mommy had to carry him. He would not ride in the sled. Mommy said we need to take him to Michigan to harden him up. After dinner we watched the movie Frozen. Good choice. When we got home we found that our neighbor Carson had shoveled our driveway.

After that late, cold night, we slept in. We played in the house all day. While Trent was napping we played outside. Carson came over to help shovel the driveway again. We went to Brendan and Paige's again for dinner, this time chocolate pancakes like iHop!

Friday afternoon was the first time we went out in the car. It was warmer that day so most of the snow melted.

Daddy got home on Saturday. He was supposed to get home on Thursday but airplanes weren't flying. By the time he got home, a lot of the snow had melted.

Working out at the gym pre-storm.
Wow, pull one out and they keep coming!
Survival muffins.
Luge ready driveway.

Trent refusing to ride in the sled.

Crazy picture of Raleigh from Facebook.
Snow mountain.