Cheese and Paint Both Go In the Mouth

Mommy and Daddy were too lazy this evening to help me grab some Disney pictures. Sorry to make you wait.

I'm changing so rapidly. I love to climb on the kitchen table and then I try to grab the light. I cry more now, because I realize how much cool stuff there is to do and I cannot do it all nor communicate what I want. That being said, I am gaining new words daily. I now ask to go "outside" and I cry at the refrigerator door saying "cheese."

I've also developed a habit of throwing food on the floor for the dogs. She says things like "those blueberries are expensive!" That makes Mommy annoyed. I also gave up veggies.  You have to hide them to get them in me. Mommy misses the days of me eating my mushy baby  veggies.

Mommy tried to show me how to paint, but I got confused and put it in my mouth. Hey it was pretty, it smelled good, and it was on the kitchen table. Seems like that should be food right?

I hate sitting in my booster chair at dinner. I would much rather sit on someone's lap.

I've also improved greatly in my ability to go down a slide.

 He's a cheese man!
Art is tasty, right?!