Mommy and I have have just returned from an exciting weekend in Misgahgin. Mommy had to go there for some "Operation 4-0" --- some secret birthday dinner for her friend Mary Lynn.

We flew in on Friday. I enjoyed watching unlimited Octonauts all the way up. After we landed, Grandma and Grandpa picked us up. We were disappointed to see that there wasn't enough snow left for sledding. We drove for a long time to a children's museum in Saginaw. I especially enjoyed putting puff balls in air tubes and letting them blow all over. We stayed until the museum closed.

After a fish fry dinner, Mommy and I went to Uncle Bob's house. We saw him, Aunt Beth, Cousin Chris, and their crazy dogs, Buddy and Willy. They just remodeled so we got the grand tour. Aunt Beth loaded me up on cookies, including OREO DOUBLE STUFF! While we were there it started snowing! Hurray!

After a late night we drove back to Grandma and Grandpa's with me asking how long it was going to take all the way back. We didn't get to bed until 11:30. I am a night owl!

The next day,  after cookies for breakfast, Grandpa and I went outside to drive the tractor. We got to plow! I learned how to pull the lever to make the plow go up and down.

Then we headed out to to learn how maple syrup was made at Chippewa Nature Center. It was cold. We got to ride on a hayride and a school bus! The school bus was the best part. It was interesting, but cold and hunger got the best of me and we left to go to Amazing Deli. I thought it was ok, but Mommy was in heaven. Then we were to some candle place and Mommy let me help her pick out one. We stopped by the Alden Dow Museum, but only had 15 fun minutes there before it closed. Mommy was hoping they'd sell t-shirts. No luck.

That evening Mommy went out and I stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa. Another late night. I won't go to bed until Mommy comes home, no matter how late. When she got back, I told her she couldn't leave me again.

The next day, we made the long drive back to Flint to fly home. We had a great time and I'm looking forward to my next Misgahgin trip!

Misgahgin - the cookie state!

Alden became Pete the Sugar Beet!
Full of cookies with Uncle Bob and Aunt Beth.
Working with Grandpa. 
Best name ever.

Maple syrup being made the old, old way!