Outnumbering the Adults

I had a first on Friday night. Sometimes we go have frozen yogurt. Mommy has been sharing hers with me, but for the first time I got my own. I enjoyed crawling up on the chair and eating it with a spoon all by myself. Then I was entertained by throwing away our empty cups, used spoons, and napkins, one-by-one.

On Saturday we went to the natural science museum. Mommy and Alden went to see a 3D shark movie that they knew I wouldn't sit through. Daddy and I ran around getting into stuff. After the museum we went out for mojitos and empanadas. We are so cosmopolitan ;)

Saturday night we went to a party at Miss Katie's. All the Mommies stayed with the kids and the Daddies went out. We had pizza and baked brownies...and trashed the house. We made a disco ball out of paper and had a dance party. They still have their Christmas tree up (they have young baby twins) and I enjoyed looking at that. The best part was playing trucks in the sandbox with my buddy, George. He is 12 weeks older than me.

I love diggers. I love to shout and repeat "digger" when I see them.

First independent fro yo.  

Museum and mojito day.
Pizza party!




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