Trent really likes diggers so on Tuesday morning, Mommy took us to a big strip mall place that is under construction. There were 6 diggers working at once and too many dump trucks to count. One of the guys came over and gave us a REAL construction hard hat. He must have thought we were cute. I got bored after awhile, but Trent cried when we left.

Today was Memorial Day. In the morning we went to Ellie and Will's birthday party. Trent did not enjoy getting splashed in the kiddie pool. In the evening we played baseball with Brendan and Paige.

On Saturday we went camping to a local state park. We hiked, made s'mores, and enjoyed the campfire. Only Mommy and I spent the night. We sent Daddy and Trent home for their bedtime. Mallory stayed with us -  she even jumped up on the air mattress with us. Mommy was impressed that I did a 3 mile hilly trail on the hike.

Camping was fun and I want to go again!

Trent's first t-ball experience.

Digger day!

Trent loves Brendan because Brendan plays ball with him.

Giant marshmallow s'more! ,

Camping Jaycees!

Start of the hike.

Trent's first s'more!

Bedtime in the tent.