I'm so Messy You Already Know

I was complaining that it was cold today. Mommy and Daddy think I'm crazy. It was in the 70s and they are loving it. Today we went for a family bike ride. Trent and I rode in a bike trailer.

Mommy bought a fish tank. She is very excited about it and dragged us to 3 pet stores this weekend to look at fish stuff. She cannot actually set it up until the stand she ordered gets here in a few weeks.

We are already putting up Halloween decorations. Mommy has broken one ornament, Mallory one, and Trent two.

Trent won't touch veggies, but he'll eat dog food. Today he was crying trying to get into the dog food bin, crying "I wanta eat it," "help please," and "need it." He is crazy!

Riding with Mommy.

Trent likes the blow dryer.

He's so messy.

Biggest Halloween tree.