Labor Day Weekend 2014

What a HOT Labor Day weekend we had. Mommy and Daddy took us to the mall playground so we could play in air conditioned comfort. On Sunday we had a pool party with some friends. Best of all we had pizza there.

Trent LOVES to use the kid sized grocery cart at the grocery store. He runs and has the biggest smile on his face. Mommy couldn't get a good picture because he was moving too fast.

Big news! Today Trent went pee-pee in the Elmo potty for the first time. He got A LOT of attention for that. I think he just got lucky. That kid has a lot to learn still.

A new trick at the mall playground.


Pizza by the pool with George.

Trent with (L-R) George, Claire, Miss Katie, Will (?), Kaitlyn, and Brady.