What's Sop?

Trent continues to be interested in potties. He sat on the potty (his teachers call it SOP) at school twice today. Typically he asks to SOP after going in his dipe, but the grown ups seem to think it is a big deal. He also likes to put our fire fighter action figures on the potty in our toy fire station. Mommy gets the biggest kick out of that.

Trent will also comfort those crying by patting their back. Here is Trent giving me a backrub while I was having a dinner time melt down because Daddy was making me sit my my chair and eat.

Mommy and Daddy get cranky during most meals, because most meals Trent and I keep them on their toes with whining about the food, getting up and down, crazy demands, and crying for no apparent reason.

Carrot stress.