Fall Michigan Fun

Last weekend Mommy and I went to Michigan. Mommy likes to go every October to a Halloween art show.

We arrived on Friday and made quick time to the Amazing Deli, a must eat for Mommy. I got a stomach ache at the science center we visited after that and cried to go back to Grandma and Grandpa's. Fortunately I made a full recovery in time for cupcakes that evening.

Grandma and Grandpa give me a bow and arrow set which was exactly what I was hoping for.

The next day Mommy left at 6 a.m. for the show. I decided to sleep in. Then I went to some woods in Cheasing for Great-Grandpa's 92nd birthday party. Mommy met us there after the art show.  I picked up lots of acorns to feed Grandpa's deer.

I got to meet a real police dog - Mommy has a cousin who is a police officer.

On Sunday Mommy ran 10 miles. She is training for a race. We went to Johnson's Giant Pumpkin farm. The best thing there is watching the donuts being made and then eating them. We met up with Mommy's childhood friend Erin and her daughters Hailie and Avery.

In the evening we met up with two of Mommy's high school friends, Becky and Holly for dessert. I talked a lot to them. We returned home on Monday.

I love sleeping with Mommy and Daddy when we travel. I tried to talk Mommy into letting me sleep in her bed when we got home...you know, so I could get used to being at home in a more comfortable way.

Today our friend Miss Charlotte came to visit! We had fun doing a craft project, decorating for Halloween, making a fort, and eating lunch. She even brought us some yummy apple butter from her hometown. As she left, I shouted "I love you." She loves me back.

After Miss Charlotte left we went to a neighborhood Halloween party. Mommy tried to get Trent to take a picture in front of a neighbor's big spider decoration. He was too scared of it. However, he did enjoy dressing up in an Iron Man costume yesterday.

On the plane to Detroit.
4 generations and two October birthday boys.


Selfies with Holly.

A must visit in Michigan!
Run, spider!
Miss Charlotte.

Trent is Iron Man!