I am five today! It is a good number to be.

On Saturday we went to Marbles to play while Mommy ran in a Day of the Dead 5K. Then we went trick-or-treating in a retail area. It was Trent's first time. He figured it out pretty quick.

Trent was sick today and couldn't go to school. We think it is because he is teething and has a cold at the same time. He only likes mushy foods and he says his teeth hurt.

Mommy picked me up from school early and we went to Toys R Us. I picked out a Trashies and an Octonauts toy. Then we picked up pizza and went home to party with Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa. I made my own Jello cake yesterday. Today I decorated it.

I like birthdays!

Taking up Mommy's space.

Retail trick-or-treats!

Trent just wants to be held when he isn't feeling good.

Alden's traffic light cake.

Grown-up birthday boy!



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